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Sealed Tenders in duplicate in four parts (Part I- Earnest Money, Part II- Pre-requisite qualification, Part III- Technical & Commercial & Part- IV Price) are invited on behalf of TENUGHAT VIDYUT NIGAM LIMITED, Ranchi from reputed, experienced and financially sound transporters for transportation of coal by road from different collieries of CCL to Tenughat Thermal Power Station, Lalpania. The duration of work will be for 01(one ) year. The description of the work and schedule of Tender are as follows.
Sl. No. NIT NO. Description of Work Estimated Qnty Per Annum MT Cost of BOQ (Non refundable) Amount of E.M. to  be Deposited Last date & Time for Sale of Tender Paper Date & Time for Receipt of tender Paper Due Date & Time of Opening of Part-I & Part-II of Tender

09/ Coal Trans/ TVNL/ RAN/

Transportation of Coal by Road from collieries of CCL to TTPS, Lalpania

15 Lacs Rs. 10,000.00 (Rupees Ten thousand) only Rs. 20 Lacs 27/12/07 upto 17:00 hrs 28/12/07 upto 13:00 hrs 28/12/07 at 14:00 hrs


The bidder should have following pre-requisite qualification:
  1. They should have adequate experience of transportation of coal by road in any Govt/Semi Govt./PSU.

  2. They should be financially sound having executed similar types of work worth more than Rs. 1.5 Crore in any financial year during the last 5(five) years.

  3. They should possess minimum 15 number of dumpers either in their names or in the name of their partners and one pay loader, certified copy of ownership will have to be produced.

  4. The annual turnover of the firm of any of the financial year during the last 5(five) years ending 31st March 2007 should be above Rs. 1.5(one crore fifty) crores. An up to date solvency certificate of not less than 1.5 crores, not more than three months old from the due date of tender; from the Nationalized banker in respect of financial soundness and also audited balance sheet, profit & loss account etc. will have to be furnished.

  5. They should have valid and up to date, labour license, EPF Code.

  6. Character Certificate from DC/DM obtained within last one year.

  7. They should not be related directly to any of the employees of Nigam. An Affidavit Sworn before the Notary should be submitted to this extent by the firm.

  8. Tender documents shall be issued to those bidders who comply with the above and on production of documentary evidence. The tenderer have to produce the original on demand for verification at the time of purchase of BOQ. However the final decision of the eligibility criteria will be evaluated according to the documents submitted with the offer and that will be final. BOQ may be obtained from Accounts Officer, TVNL, Ranchi on payment of its cost (non refundable) in the from of Demand Draft issued by any nationalized bank in favour of Tenughat Vidyut Nigam Ltd, payable at Ranchi after verification of documents by undersigned.

  9. EM of Rs. 20 lacs to be deposited in the form of demand draft drawn in favour of Tenughat Vidyut Nigam Ltd, payable at Ranchi.

  10. Estimated quantity may increase or decrease as per requirement of power house.

  11. Tender without Earnest money will not be accepted. TVNL reserves the right to reject any or all the tenders and to increase/decrease or distribute the job among the tenderers without assigning any reason thereof.

  12. The Part-III i.e. Technical & Commercial part will only be opened after fulfillment of qualifying Part-I & II i.e. Earnest Money & pre-requisite qualification.

Memo No:-1589/07


Date : 28/11/07

Joint Secretary(T)

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