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Tenughat Vidyut Nigam Limited is now identified as the prime source of electricity in the State of Jharkhand 

To establish power station at Tenughat, a study was undertaken in the year 1976 and it was indicated that Tenughat Thermal Power Station (TTPS) would be the most ideal site for installation of Super Thermal Power Station was established in Lalpania in Bokaro district of Jharkhand.

TTPS can be developed as a mega power project as it enjoys all the benefits of a pithead thermal power project. The planned capacity of 1550 MW was envisaged to be completed in three stages, as given under:

Stage- I :  Two units of 210 MW each already in operation and generating power on an average of 110 MU per month. 

Stage-II : Three units of 210 MW each under expansion plan. Most of the clearances and approvals from the authorities concerned have already been obtained. 

Stage-III : One unit of 500 MW will be taken up after completion of stage- II

Expansion under stage II is under active implementation. The cost of the project is envisaged to the tune on 2050 crores approximately.

The highlights of the significant achievements by TVNL are as under:

The gross assets of TVNL are to the tune of Rs.1530 crores. The company was incorporated with a share capital of Rs.100 crores. Government of Bihar contributed the balance fund and loan from Power Finance Corporation.

TTPS has achieved the average plant load factor (PLF) of 35% on the basis of installed capacity of two units. Due to requirement of capital maintenance, both the units could not be operated in the major portion of the year. Provided both the units are operated simultaneously, it is expected to achieve the targeted the national norm of 68.5% PLF.

TTPS is being operated at norms comparative with national performance indicators:
  T.V.N.L. National
Specific oil consumption 8ml/kwh  3.5 ml/kwh
Specific coal consumption  0.70 kg/kwh  0.65 kg/kwh
Plant load factor 35% 68.5%
Auxiliary power consumption 14% 10% maximum

TVNL has paid the entire outstanding loan from power finance corporation of 168 crores plus 254.3 crores interest thereon.

Foundation stone laid for expansion of stage II of 3x210 MW by honourable Chief minister, Shri Babulal Marandi on24th December, 2001.

The newly created State of Jharkhand, carved out of Bihar, needs an accelerated growth of electric supply availability to support the plan of growth of industries and for providing better life for the people of Jharkhand.

TVNL offers ample scope for expansion. It has potential to grow as super thermal power plant. According to the original plan itself, the scheme for its expansion up to 1550 MW comprises of execution of three stages. In the first stage, the present power station with capacity of 2x210 MW is in operation. The second stage expansion of 3x210 MW has been initiated. After completion of the second stage, the next expansion will be for 500 MW in the third stage. The target period o for the expansion shall be as under.

Completion of stage II      By June 2006

Completion of stage II         By July 2009

All necessary infrastructures required for expansion up to 1550 MW was envisioned in the first stage only. Consequently the land area required for a such mega plant has already been acquired and is available with TVNL. The requirement of water is also assured, as the plant is situated on the fringe of Tenughat reservoir. 

Coal is the major raw material, which is being supplied by CCL situated within 10- 15 Km from the plant area. However, collieries to cope with the enhance requirement of coal, TVNL is already in action to get captive mines of coal in tandem of policy of government of India in respect of setting up of new power plant and / or expansion of existing plants

To achieve the ideal targets under vision 2010, TVNL has estimated requirements of funds to the tune of Rs.2050 crores approximately for the purpose of expansion of stage II (Requirement of fund under stage III will be estimated after completion of stage II). Out of the present requirement, it is proposed to approach the Government of Jharkhand to contribute its share of 30% only of the projected cost. Balance requirement of 70% shall be met by generation from own sources of loans from financial institutions / Banks.

TVNL is the ideal choice for setting up a super thermal power station in the State of Jharkhand, in view of growing demand of electricity in the eyars to come. It has inherent economies of scale to achieve optimum efficiency at the lowest cost of production of power.

The vision of TVNL matches with the vision of development of the State of Jharkhand. If electricity is considered as the boosting factor of development, then definitely TVNL holds the key to the future of Jharkhand.


  • The power station is located at the best possible site having all advantages of a pithead generating station. It is situated on the fringe of the Tenughat reservoir. Availability of coal is 10-15 Km.
  • Cost of coal is cheaper due to low transportation cost. Power station in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Delhi etc, Take coal from CCL collieries, where as TTPS is getting coal from a distance of 10-15 Km only.

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