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Present resources Coal
Both unit I and Ii require 6000 metric tones of coal on a daily basis. The collieries of Central Coalfield Ltd, related in West Bokaro, Parez, Tapin North and South Kedla OCC Kargala and Pundei supply to required amount of coal to the TTPS. The present coal stock stand at 1,20,000 tonnes. The transportation of coal is carried through the highway for 2x210 MW of the unit. But after the expansion of the second phase the coal transportation cannot be done though the highway. The railway track construction contract is being managed by RITES company ( A Govt. of India enterprise) when this project is complete, the coal will be carried though rail transport.

Ash utilization
Ash utilization is the chief concern of TTPS, the fly ash resulting from the extensive use of coal is ideal for use in cement concrete and its product, cellular concrete and building materials. TTPS like other products is band to adopt the concept of near zero affluent discharge. It undertakes the work through ash disposal system. For water conservation AWR system has been envisaged for its ponds for this huge amount of water is required, fulfilled by its reservoirs. TTPS has a though of recycling the ash slurry recycling system which clears the effluents from the pond. It will help in saving enormous amount of water per hour.

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